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how to donate and why?

By donating, you support our vision and mission, but also more than that. You support the employment of young artists and activists. You even support the development of artistic skills, the opening of discussions and the promotion of constructive, tolerant and creative approaches to current topics in our society.

And to make it easier and nicer for you to donate, we have come up with a couple of different options. Have a look below and discover why inart is special.

buy us a coffee

Our team works on minimal incomes and maximally strong coffees. If you like what we do and want to support us with a small gesture that means a lot, treat us to a double macchiato ☕️

doniraj našoj udruzi i podrži inart misiju i viziju
opcije volontiranja u inart udruzi


One of the best things you can donate is time and effort. By volunteering, you not only help to implement great goals, but also gain new experiences and knowledge and meet interesting people. See if we have open opportunities for volunteering and find something just for you.

Or......if you have another idea for cooperation, contact us directly 


By purchasing branded items, you can donate to our association. Each design is designed and created by the creative minds of our team 🤩

coming soon
inart merchandise

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