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Actors on Stage

Acting Techniques  
Strassberg, Adler, Meisner

About the programme

Following in the footsteps of the great acting teachers from the beginning of the 20th century - Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner - we will take a look into their celebrated techniques and methods and explore how these techniques can help us acquire better acting skills and deliver a believable character on stage and screen. Approximately three to four sessions will be assigned to each technique. 


In the course of 6 weekly sessions we will:

  • Learn who these teachers were and what were their main specifics

  • Watch the actors who work by these techniques and discuss them

  • Learn the most important beliefs on which they built their techniques and methods

  • Try and test those techniques in our work on monologues and scenes


At the end of the course you will:

  • Have gained a clear understanding of each of these three acting teachers and their beliefs

  • Have tried their techniques and methods on scene scripts and monologues

  • Have developed your own personal opinion and preference regarding these teachings

  • Be given an opportunity to present your scenes/ monologues on stage*


This is the introductory level course, open to begginers and experienced students alike.

*The opportunity to showcase your work on stage is contingent on regular attendance and group consent





Course leader

Adults 18+ years old

Preradovićeva 29

Saturdays from 13:00 to 17:00, 6 sessions.

Start: January 27, 2024

End: March 2, 2024


Vibor Kreković, actor and acting instructor to Acting Fundamentals

Vibor completed his acting studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade and continued his education at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York. Among other engagements, he has been acting in plays at the Croatian National Theatre, and acted in films and series. He is also a founder of art theatre organisation, Thespian Theatre.



Full upfront payment
135€ (realised 10% discount)
Payment in 3 instalments
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