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to Sustainable Tourism and Search for Ways to Travel Better

Co-Funded by the European Union
iContribute project for sustainable tourism co-funded bz the EU

On our second Erasmus+ project -

iContribute (to Sustainable Tourism and Search for Ways to Travel Better) - 

we have once again partnered with U Thrive Europe, a young non-profit organisation from Brussels. The project lasted one year - from May 2022. until May 2023.


iContribute gave an opportunity to young people age 18 to 25 to explore the habits of their generation tourists, the benefits of travelling, and the impact of tourism on the local environment, 

specifically small towns along the Croatian coast. 


The participants spent seven days at a summer retreat in Šibenik, Croatia, where they worked with professional mentors through the methods of critical thinking, debate, emotional intelligence and drama. They raised questions about the sustainable travel practices of their generation,

 conducted interviews with young tourists and locals, and looked for answers. 


The final product of the project are the four short videos each presenting one chapter of  

"Sustainable Travel Guide for Young Travellers"

that the participants created in the months following the retreat, 

and posted on YouTube and social media.


You can find out more about each activity below and under Sustainable travel guide activity we have also included the links for all four parts (videos) of the travel guide available on our YouTube channel.

Also, don't forget to check out the project gallery! :)

Erasmus+ programme
International Arts Centre, Zagreb
U Thrive Europe, Brussels
I Contribute Erasmus+ Project

project activities

iContribute project consisted of five activities: 1. Training for trainers  2. Transnational project team meetings  3. Summer retreat for young people  4. Production of a sustainable travel video guide for young travellers and 5. Multiplier events. You can read more about each activity below!

Training for trainers

Online exchange of expertise

Transnational project meetings

Transnational project team meetings

Summer retreat for young people

A seven day educational programme

Multiplier events & dissemination

Project presentations in high schools

Sustainable travel guide

Sustainable travel video guide


project team

The project team consisted of four trainers: Aida Pana and Tatiana Levceva coming from U Thrive Europe and Romana Petrušić and Andreana Baeva-Motušić coming from inart. Additionally, the team had two youth mentors, Mislav Petrušić and Ema Kotarski coming from inart.

project was financed with a help from European commission

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. 


This post reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.

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