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about us

inart is an art association founded in 2012 in Zagreb, which deals with the design and implementation of educational art programmes in Croatian and English. The goal of the association is to provide a place where art brings us together, strengthens us, and provides us tools for challenging stigmas and social norms for social change. We aim to: increase awareness of the importance of engaging in artistic activities, to develop personal creativity, to deal with everyday life problems, to find creative solutions to pressing issues, and to involve more people in social debates. inart is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, occupation, race, nationality, religion or gender.


In the last eleven years, inart, through its drama studio MojaScena (MyStage), has organized and conducted a large number of drama workshops. We have held courses for children, young adults, adults, and even retirees. We have held  professional workshops on creating stage characters through improvisation for actors, directors and writers (led by Robert Marchand, 2014 and 2018, Zagreb), produced a professional play named Master Maroje Abridged in English and performed on Zagreb Eye (director Lawrence Kiiru, 2014, Zagreb), produced a large number of plays with the participants of our workshops who showcased their talents at the festival for amateur actors (SKAZ), and implemented several successful projects co-financed by the European Union from various funds. Our EU projects have provided over 100 participants with the ability and skills to use art to tackle issues such as sustainable tourism, gender equality and fake news to name a few. 


In total, we have had the pleasure to work with more than 1,000 students all the way from the age of 5 to 80 years old. For many these were their first steps towards professional theatre art, for others, these were moments of joy and development where art became a means to approach lifes many challenges. We collaborate with young, aspiring Croatian artists, as well as established and seasoned professionals. While our participants come from all walks of life and always leave with a smile. 


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