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MojaScena Online

Co-Funded by the European Union Social Fund
besplatne online radionice iz dramske, literarne i likovne umjetnosti

The MojaScena online project consisted of an artistic program in the form of ten-week rounds of art, drama and literary workshops, which were held online and were free for participants under 25 and over 54. Participants from all over Croatia were involved in the project, especially those who were prevented from accessing cultural institutions and contents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The social inclusion of participants in participatory activities in the form of online art workshops allowed the target groups social inclusion, interactive online socializing and the acquisition of lifelong learning skills, which contributed to greater satisfaction of the participants and improved quality of life, ultimately strengthening the entire community.


Through content such as conversations about art, analyzing works of art, creative creation, developing artistic potential and understanding of art, members of the target groups acquired knowledge and creative skills. Under the artistic guidance and collaboration between the workshops, the participants created a short online performance, an online exhibition of works from art workshops and an online publication of works from literary workshops.


The MojaScena online project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund, as part of the Operational Program Effective Human Potential 2014-2020.

The total value of the project is HRK 460,318.63, of which the European Union co-finances grants in the amount of HRK 368,254.90.


Project results

Drama classes

The online play developed by our participants visible here

Literary classes

A book of literary works made by our participants. View here:

Arts workshops

An online exhibition of the art works developed. Visible here:

project team

Our project team included professionals in the fields of literature, arts and drama. 

projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog socijalnog fonda

This project has been funded from the European Social Fund. 

The content of this page is the sole responsibility of Međunarodni Centar za Umjetnost (International Arts Centre).

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