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Filmska radionica, Zagreb

Film Workshop

About the programme

Today when we record everything and anything we want on our phones, it is easier than ever to produce your own film at home.

Our Film Workshop is created for those of you who are passionate about films and view the world through your phone's camera.


In the course of 6 weekly sessions we will:

  • Look into the basics of film making

  • Discuss what makes a good script and how to start writing one

  • Explore how to put the script to use and start filming 

  • Talk about good and bad editing and how important it is for your film

  • View different movie clips and discuss the techniques that differnt directors use when telling a story


By the end of the course you will:

  • Gain the basic knowledge about the importance of a good script

  • Acquire the basic script writing techniques 

  • Learn how to start filming using your script

  • Learn what techniques to use to tell your story the way you want

  • Film and edit a short scene on your phone

  • Get an opportunity to showcase your work on inart FB page and YouTube channel


This is the introductory level course, open to begginers and students with limited experience.

Basic concepts will be covered. 

*The opportunity to showcase your work on inart's  FB and YouTube is contingent on regular attendance and group consent

For who




Course leader

Adults 18+ years old

Preradovićeva 29

Saturday afternoons

Start: TBA


Vibor Kreković, voditelj filmske radionice


Vibor completed his acting studies at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade and continued his education at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York. Among other engagements, he has been acting in plays at the Croatian National Theatre, acted in films and series. He is also a founder of art theatre organisation, Thespian Theatre.


Full upfront payment
153€ (realised 10% discount)
Payment in 3 instalments
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