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Glumac na sceni, improvizacije za scenu

Improv classes

About the programme

These improv classes are the silliest and the funniest course you can take.

Learn how to stay calm even in the moments when the world seems to be crashing around. You just might say, or do something perfectly fitting for the occasion, but that you thought you never would! Discover why the skill of improvising on stage is so important in acting and how it spills over to self-confidence in everyday life.


What will we do in class?

  • fool around, learn confidence and concentration exercises, recreate real life scenarios, but also un-real-life ones too!

  • learn how to say the things that come to your mind first

  • learn how to handle the basic principle of improv - always agree to how the scene progresses without fear of where it might lead (but also learn how to move the scene in your direction)

  • have a lot of fun


You will learn:

  • how to get rid of nervousness, anxiety and fear

  • how to get on stage without preparation and leave it with applause

  • how to get out of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown

  • what improvisation means in a theatre context and how can we use it in everyday life

  • why improvisations are important to us in acting


This course is great for anyone looking to improve their confidence, acting skills and communication skills in general.

It is desirable to have at least basic experience in drama, but only good will and an open mind are mandatory.


For who




Course leader

Adults 18+ years old

StudioChekhov, Gajeva 10, Zagreb

Each Thursday from 18:00 to 19:30, for 10 sessions.

Start: 11th of January

End: 15th of February

Croatian 🇭🇷

Romana Petrušić, predjednica udruge Međunarodni centar za umjetnost


Romana is a professional actress, with more than 20 years experience in teaching drama to students from 2 to 82 years of age. She worked as artist-teacher in John Robert Powers, Rockville USA and Imagination Stage, Bethesda USA, directed student, amateur and professional theatre productions in LA, Washington, Perth, Sydney and Zagreb. Romana is a founder and the president of inart, where she works on EU projects, teaches drama classes, directs student productions and prepares young candidates for auditions at drama academies. Her students have been admitted to acting programs at National Theatre School of Canada, New York University, AMDA, Roosevelt University, Manhattan School of Music, and many others.


Full upfront payment
81€ (10% discount for payment in full)
Payment in 2 instalments
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