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online likovne radionice za sve

Online creative arts

About the programme

This online art workshop is intended for beginners, as well as more experienced lovers of artistic expression, who want to perfect their drawing and painting skills, get to know different approaches and materials, and the creative-therapeutic role of art. Participants will enrich their artwork with the language of symbols and start creating an authentic personal expression. In twelve sessions, we will create characters and stories, new spaces of self-knowledge, experience drawing as a meditation, release our potential and the ability to imagine. We will do all of this in a relaxed atmosphere of joint creation at the workshop, which will aim to adapt its programme to the wishes and needs of the participants of all age groups.

Basic material needed: drawing papers, pencils, thin black felt-tip pens, watercolour pencils and a brush - plus anything else that you may want to include.


Enrolment for creative arts is closed! We'll be opening enrolment for new classes in January! See you then 🙂

For who




Course leader

For all


Thursdays from 19:00 to 20:30, 12 sessions.

Start: 14th of September

End: 30th of November

Croatian 🇭🇷 

Krešimira Gojanović, likovna umjetnica


Krešimira Gojanović graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb, majoring in Painting, and graduated from the Graphic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She has a master's degree at ALUO Ljubljana, majoring in the Design of Visual Communications. She has exhibited at 51 independent exhibitions and over 100 group juried ones in the country and abroad. She also works as an independent curator, organizes art exhibitions, writes art reviews and forewords to the exhibitions of her colleagues, and has about 50 important curatorial projects behind her.


Full upfront payment
15€ (reservation fee) + 72€ (remainder) = 87€ (10% discount for payment in full)
Payment in 2 instalments
15€ (reservation fee) + two instalments of 41€ =97€
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