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online literarne radionice za sve uzraste

Online creative literature

About the programme

Creative writing workshops are held in three thematic units.

1. END OF SUMMER (first thematic unit)

Writing as research: our understanding of completion (after the zenith) and the potentials that arise from it.

*Intended for all those who have experienced or sense the end of a personal or creative cycle and inevitable change.

2. STEPS, WINGS, FALLS (second thematic unit)

Writing as uncertainty, writing as a path through challenge. Getting to know inspiration as a source for writing, and working with it. Transformation of external experience into text. Challenges as crossroads or sources. Creative approaches to the famous "writer's block."

3. UNKNOWN SEEDS UNDERGROUND (third thematic unit)

Workshop inspired by the motifs of the dark period of the year. Writing as a practice of inner attention, patience for delayed fruits and results; writing as a game with uncertainty. Work on sifting and "planting the seeds" of a future larger story/collection.

The groups for literature are full! We'll be opening enrolment for new literature classes in January! See you then 🙂

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13 sessions divided into 3 thematic units.

First thematic unit: September the 12th, 14th, 19th and 21th Second thematic unit: October the 3rd, 5th, 17th, 19th, 24th and 26th

Third thematic unit: November the 7th, 9th and 14th

Croatian 🇭🇷

Vera Vujović, spisateljica


Vera is an editor, translator and literary author. She has been leading creative workshops for the past seven years. Previously, she worked in publishing, editorial and translation work, and she continuously publishes her own texts as well as translations of other authors on the Third Program of Croatian Radio, or in culture magazines. So far, she has published two books of poetry and several translated books, the last of which is a selection from the dramatic work of Jean Anouilh, so her knowledge of the written word also touches on theatre art. She currently works as a tour guide, and speaks fluent French and English.


Full upfront payment
15€ (reservation fee) + 130€ (remainder) = 145€ (10% discount for payment in full)
Payment in 2 instalments
15€ (reservation fee) + two instalments of 73€ =161€
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