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Take a migration survey!

Have you ever lived abroad? Maybe when travelling to new places you were surprised by how much was different - something that you never thought could be strange all of a sudden is - the road signs for pedestrians, the light posts, the way cars are parked. If you haven't lived abroad or travelled, you are definitely in the minority. But regardless, chances are you have some idea or optioning about what traveling means, and, alternatively, what migration, immigration or emigration mean.

Inart is working (a little too hard) on a new project. It's a bit of a secret for now ;) but it is related to migration, if that wants obvious enough! We would really like this project to be as relevant and interesting to you, our community, as possible. To make sure that it is, we would like to invite you to tell us what you know wand think about migration through a short survey that shouldn't take more than 10 minutes of your day. Also, if there is anything else that you would like to tell us, feel free to write it in the survey or contact us directly.

The survey is available here ->

One millions thanks to you for helping out, and we wish you a fantastic day

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