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prilagođene i indivudalne dramske radionice za specifične potrebe

Thinking of something specific? 

If you’re looking for something other than what we have on our web page, no problem! 


inart is open to creating tailored solutions for your needs.


For example, our methods are a fantastic way of building team spirit through team building workshops. Our knowledge and creative means of challenging serious social issues are also a fantastic tool for organising brainstorming sessions for NGO’s, or for developing specific events and classes for specific target audiences. 


If you’re looking for something less complex, we can also offer one-on-one classes, tailored to your expertise and wishes. 


Finally, we have great experiences working with schools and universities and are open to continuing our work. Our team is a fantastic resource for lectures but an even better one for inclusive and thought provoking exercises on any topic. 


If you can think of it, chances are we can do it! Let us know what you are interested in below… 

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thank you! we'll be in touch soon.

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