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transnational project team meetings
Co-Funded by the European Union

Transnational project team meetings

Two transnational project team meetings are scheduled to take place in Brussels and Zagreb


The first transnational meeting took place in Brussels and lasted from 7th to 9th of April 2023. The team members met for three days in a row to start the project and discuss the project timelines and collaboration. U Thrive Europe from Brussels is the Coordinating organisation this time, and the International Arts Centre for the first time participates as partner organisation. A few new young team members were introduced which brought fresh energy to the team.


The first day of the meeting started with a welcome and opening words from Tatiana, the Project manager. During the meeting, the project team went through the Partnership agreement and discussed in details all the necessary things regarding the budget and finances for the project.


During the second day of the meeting, the project team set up tools for easier communication and cooperation between the two organizations during the project duration. More specifically, the team focused on internal communication channels, project management tools, and budget/accountancy tools. Furthermore, the team went through the project activities and timeline and discussed the goals and individual expectations from the project. Also, specific responsibilities were assigned between partner organisations and individually to each member of the project team. The team also worked on the communication plan and the dissemination plan and evaluation of project activities and results, ​


The third day of the meeting was intended for planning of the three project activities. Regarding the first project activity (Training for trainers), the project team discussed possible guest lecturers and mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise. Regarding the second activity (iMPACT summer programme), the project team went through the logistics of the summer programme, strategy for reaching out to the participants, and set up selection criteria for the participants. Finally, the team talked about the dissemination of the project activities and results, and arranged the next online project team meeting. ​

European Erasmus plus projects

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. 


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