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upisi u radionice u sklopu MojaScena dramskog studija


Here you can find information regarding enrollment and payment

Enrollment is currently open for all courses!

How to enroll ✏️

1. After you have found a course that you would like to attend, you need to submit the enrollment form available on this link

2. Once you have submitted the enrollment form you will receive an e-mail with a request for additional information (if necessary), and a bill for payment.

3. Regardless of your chosen course, you will be asked to pay a reservation fee of 15€ (which will be deducted from the total price of the classes)

4. Once we receive the reservation payment, you will receive an email with a receipt and confirmation of your reserved place in our course 🥳

Enrollment form!

Discounts 🤑

  • We offer 10% discount for payment of the full course price at once. 

  • We offer a 7€ discount for referrals to both the person reffered and the person who reffered them. 

  • We offer a 5% discount for each class additional to your first one that you enroll within a year.

  • Discounts can be added together until a maximum discount of 15% is reached. 

  • For any additional questions, please contact us at or call us at 0998124850.

Terms and conditions 🧐

  • When enrolling, the buyer commits to full payment of the course fee regardless whether as a single payment or in instalments.

  • We offer you the ability to pay in two ways: in one upfront payment or in three instalments.

  • If the course you have enrolled in is cancelled before it begins, you will be refunded all payments which you have made for the participation in that course.

  • If you decide not to attend a course after having enrolled and before the course has begun, we will refund all payments related to the course in question excluding the reservation fee.

  • If you decided to leave the course within the first three classes, we will refund or write off 50% of the course fee depending on your chosen mode of payment (upfront or instalments).

  • Those leaving the course after the first three classes are not entitled to a return of enrollment fees.  

  • Before completing the enrollment form please read through the full terms and conditions.

  • You can download the full terms and conditions here:

Terms and conditions (Croatian)

Terms and conditions (English)

  • For any additional questions, please contact us at or call us at 0998124850

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